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How much time do you really waste on your Apps?

Checking your device for only 5 minutes 12 times a day wastes an entire hour of your time.


AppBan is an extremely useful parental control and self-control tool built for the Android operating system. Developed for tracking your app usage and applying temporary Ban Spans on your apps.

AppBan helps you spend more time on things that matter.

Whether at work or at home we all find ourselves being distracted by our phones and devices. At AppBan we understand that the apps you spend your most time on are more then likely your favourites, therefore deleting these apps just doesn’t make any sense. Instead use AppBan to ban your apps for time periods that you choose.

Ban your time wasting apps during work or school hours to get more work done, ban them at night to get more sleep. As a parent let your kids use your device knowing they can only use the app for a temporary period.

Simple Yet Effective Features

The Reasons You’ll love AppBan

Custom Ban Spans

Parental / Self-Control Tool

Create Ban Periods That Best Fit You

Set custom time periods in which an app will be banned from use. Users will select start and end times as well as selecting the days of the week that the ban will take effect.

Quick Play

Parental Control Tool

Quick Play

Temporarily grant access the app for a time period selected [15,30,45 or 60mins]. After this the app will enter a ban phase for the same period of time.

Track Usage

Collect useful data on your app usage.

Collect The Data That Matters

Collect data on how many times an app was opened and for how long. The data collected can be viewed in visual graph form, to easily compare usage over a day, week or longer.

Lock Ban Feature

Users need a KEY to unlock the App.

Protect Yourself From Yourself

To protect yourself from simply removing or editing your bans, you can add the Lock Ban to any Ban Span. To remove the Lock Ban you will need another phone that will receive the KEY.

Helpful Notifications

Get notices off what apps users overuse.

Helpful Notifications

App Ban also sends users helpful notifications on which apps they are using too much and also gives notifications of suggested Ban Spans.

App Tapp Counter

Review how many times you failed.

What Are App Tapps?

The App Tapp Counter counts the number of times the user has tried to open an app during a ban period. The App Tapp counter shows users how many times they fave FAILED!

Our Advantage

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A Quick Play is a simple function that allows users to temporarily grant access to an app for a time period (15,30,45 or 60mins). After this time has ended the app will enter a ban phase for the same time period.

Both the Play Period and Ban Period are shown as countdown timers on the active Quick Play screens.

Create Custom Ban Spans

Ban Spans allow users to set custom time periods in which an app will be banned from use.

Users will need to input start and end times as well as selecting the days of the week that the ban will take effect.

Track Your App Usage

This function allows users to view the usage of apps on their device. It tracks every time the app is opened and for how long it is used. This data is displayed statistically and in a graph.

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Screenshot Gallery

Below are some screen grabs of the App at work.

Who Are We

Appban was developed in Australia by Brave Apps Pty Ltd.

Brave Apps is a website and mobile app development company based in Perth WA.
AppBan was developed as a tool to minimise time wasted procrastinating on mobile devices.

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